Mar 5, 2011

miss u..

it took only a simple smile to heal a heartache..
and i am so happy i spent the mid semester holiday with my younger sister..
guess its right when people say, there's no place like home..

now the holidays have finished. I went to kulim to continue the fight waste.. with a heavy heart and legs a lazy pace, is often felt when to go back to kulim..

right now, im just lazing in bed..
listening to a korean song, that someones dedicated to me..

the lights are turned off..
its only the light from my lappy that's lighting up the room..

while listening to the Korean song, remembered in the mind of a person. longing began to intrude on her bosom. I really miss that.

i leave it to God as i believe, He would know which is best for me ^_^v


i'm gonna cut the crap and publish this now before i blabber more on silly things..
now i am gonna continue listening to this Korean song, and thinking for someones that i miss and hopefully dream about it later..