Sep 30, 2011

''Proud to be Nadya Joe'' ^_^

- Nadya Joe -

My personality:

  • i'm loud only when i'm high
  • i'm obnoxious
  • i cry easily
  • i have a bad temper
  • for the most part, sometimes i don't like people
  • i'm easy to get along with
  • i like to fight
  • i have more friends than enemies
  • i drink coffee
  • i clean my bed daily
My appearance:
  • i wear makeup
  • i wear a piece of ring at all times
  • i straighten my hair often
  • my ears are pierced
  • i have big feet 
  • i'm in a relationship now
  • i'm single
  • i'm crushing
  • i've missed an ex before
  • i'm always being scared of being hurt
  • i've told someone i loved them when i didn't
  • i've told someone i didn't love them when i did
  • i've been in love more than two times
  • i believe in love at first sight
  • i believe love is more important than lust
  • i have a best friend
  • i have at least ten girl friends
  • i've gotten a phone call in the last 48 hours from a friend
  • i've been in a serious fight with a friend
  • i can trust at least five people with my life
  • i've taken a taxi
  • i've taken a city bus
  • i've left the state
  • i've made a speech
  • i've spent 12 hours on the computer straight
  • i've been in a physical fight  
  • i listen to pop
  • i listen to techno
  • i listen to rock
  • i'm one of those people who play song repeatedly until i hate it
  • i love radio
  • i downloads music
  • i spent at least six hours a day watching television
  • i'm in love with DC cupcakes programs
  • i've seen and like One Tree Hill
  • i've seen and like House
  • i've seen and like 24
  • i've seen and like CSI
  • i've seen and like America's Next Top Models
Family life:
  • i get along with both of my parents
  • i have at least one younger brother
  • i have at least one younger sister
  • i have at least two elder sister
  • i've walked out when i've been grounded
  • i've cut my hair in the past years
  • i've had black
  • i've gotten my hair thinned
  • i use conditioner
  • i've use silk therapy
  • i've used hot oil treatment
  • i've straighten my hair

Sep 27, 2011

How to spend a day... hokhoho

1. defy the laws of gravity...
2. read a book...
3. eat cheesecake...
4. have brunch with someone you appreciate...
5. watch a movie...
6. stay in bed...
7. cook someone a meal...
8. go for a long walk...
9. smile and tell someone u love them...
10. don't put your life to waste, spend every moment awake...


huh !!!

Don't ask me a question, if u're not going to believe my answer !!!


I try not to laugh during serious moments, but end up laughing anyway...

Sep 10, 2011

high school...

HIGH SCHOOL it may be hard, annoying, awkward, etc... but admit it, you're going to miss it when it ends...


it makes a world of difference
who knows when u won't be able to?
holding those emotions inside is bad for u
it is one of the most wonderful thing in this world(errr)
what is the point in hiding happiness
why not let them know u are unhappy
u don't want to lose friends
there is no better feeling than being wrapped up close to someones u love
because life is everything

Sep 9, 2011

implications of a terrible disease called PRIDE....

  • u always don't wanna be the first to do the step to be with someone...
  • u don't want to say any apology even u're the one who's wrong...
  • u always try to hide your feelings.
  • u don't want others to know that u're hurt...
  • u're afraid of telling someone he/she special...
  • u're afraid of losing someone but afraid to show it...
  • u're afraid to love someone whom u think can't love u back...
  • u're so aware of what others think that u can't do what u want...

For all the broken hearted girl....

Forget him !!! i know it's not that easy but u have to... he let u go, it's not your loss, it's his loss... so, knock of the sadness, sobbing and tears...
remember, no guy is worth crying over... stop listening to sad songs and listen to upbeat songs then sing them in the shower... have a girls night out !!! watch movie and do makeovers, that should get him out of your mind... do not mention him the whole night, that could bring u to tears and ruin your night...
and one day, your prince charming will come... don't waste your time searching, love will find u... =')

Sep 2, 2011

perpisahan ini bk.....

dedikasi khas untuk BK....
Terima kasih...

disini bermulanya pertemuan yang terakhir
kehilangan amat terasa dihati
mungkinkah ini yang tertulis di tangan takdir
ku terima perpisah ini

dulu kita satu jiwa
satu impian
susah dan senang kita bersama
namun itu semua hanya sementara

hanya lagu yang menjadi ingatan
hanya lagu yang menjadi kenangan
seandainya masa itu kembali semula
ingin ku memiliki lebih dari itu

mungkinkah dirinya tertulis di tangan takdir
ku terima perpisahan ini
perpisahan yang tak kuduga kini terjadi
dirimu pergi aku sendiri....

dulu kita satu jiwa
satu impian
susah dan senang kita bersama
namun itu semua hanya sementara

hanya lagu yang menjadi ingatan
hanya lagu yang menjadi kenangan
seandainya masa itu kembali semula
ingin ku memiliki lebih dari itu


a big group of friends, sneaking out of the house, late nights under the stars, crying on my bestfiends shoulder, passing note in class, going on adventures, getting out of my town, campfires, telling secrets, feeling what it's like to fall in love for the first time, roadtrips, dance parties, driving around, getting lost, endless laughter, happiest years of my life...

feeling lonely, staying in, late nights studying for that math test, waking up early, tiredness, school  all day and homework all night, being stress out, college applications, trapped in a town i hate, feeling nothing remotely close to love, keeping it all bottled up, crying far too often, spending too much time on the internet, waiting for the better years to come...