Dec 12, 2011

Just Be Yourself !!!

u’re walking these halls like u’re superman,
Like u’re better than everyone,
but underneath the suit and mask u’re nothing,
u’re just like everyone else,
so why is it that when I catch u looking at me you think I’m different but the truth is
It’s been me all this time
Don’t think that I don’t know about all these
Rumors you've been spreading, u think it’s
Funny to say these things, but deep down
Inside u know they’re not true, so why even
Bother to hurt me haven’t u done enough,
Why do u have to hurt me just leave me alone

So why can’t you just give it up, hang up the
Mask and suit and be someone u want to
Be, not what everyone else wants u to be,
U know what u did was wrong, you saw
How it hurt me maybe one day u’ll step back
And reevaluate what you've done
Go ahead lie to my face and tell me
Those rumors aren’t true tell me it
Wasn't u, but u and I both know
It was u, so why can’t u just
Admit it tell me your sorry,
tell me what u did was wrong, I thought
U were better than this but I guess not,
You’ve become everyone else now,
Cause when u’re with me u’re someone else
but when u’re with your so called friends u’re a fake

It’s been me this entire time why
Can’t u see it’s me, I guess you’ve
Been too busy trying to impress others
with someone u’re not,
I hope one day u’ll stop letting others
make who u are and just be yourself