Nov 18, 2011

This time...

here i again.. why? i'm not supposed to expose what i really think.. i didn't want this.. it's only makes me want to hide away.. but yet, why? i wonder why everything seems to be drawn by him.. all that i've been hiding is being dragged out.. what should i do? i didn't mind it.. that's right, i don't mind him.. i'm being dragged out by his straight forwardness.. it's a way of living that i'd forgetten a long time a go.. maybe i can try to remember it again how to show more of my true self.. and by doing that, i think i might just be able to get out of that long tunnel.. in truth, i also felt that a little.. but unfortunately for me that time has long since passed.. i don't get it even thought he said things like that and did things like that.. what's going on in that head of his? what is this? why am i so restless? i feel like i'm being left behind.. how rare to see him like this normally.. i hate in the end did things really have to turn out this way.. so resolute and true so much that it scares me.. why all of a sudden? emotions are with out of form of substance.. it's easy to laugh at those who make big promises based on feelings.. acting like they're so sure without knowing what the future holds.. it's much more difficult to believe in them.. and yet, without knowing why.. these day i find myself thinking that my job is fun again.. what the hell am i saying? sigh !!!